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Trust in 2024: How cybersecurity challenges affect consumer confidence

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Consumer trust is becoming more important and challenging in the digital age, especially for security vendors. Companies will take more rigorous action in the future if they find out that their trust has been violated by the security vendors, such as switching to alternative solutions, filing lawsuits, or reporting to regulators.

Passwords: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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If you went into a house with the key in the door, this is still against the law. In cybersecurity it is only breaking the law if „the attacker circumvented security mechanisms“. Also, while using passwords, the state of technology includes additional security measures that help securing access (besides access security measures such as MFA, salting, biometrics, …).

Left to your own devices – Podcast

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I sat down with Shlomi and David from Cybellum to discuss trends in OT security, AI, automotive cybersecurity, and everything in between.